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Artistic director
Sita Ostheimer                                                                                                         Collaborators

With her strong appearance and sensitivity, choreographer and dancer Sita
Ostheimer founded in 2015 a platform called Sita Ostheimer Company,
working together with an ever growing group of artists.
Under her guidance the artists study, work, create and perform nationally and
The powerful physicality of her creations is connected to the individual state of
mind and emotional inner world of each dancer in the very moment, transferred
into authentic and pure movement.

An expressive, fluent, sensual and earthy movement language evolves,

unfolding a poetry of sensitivity and freedom.

“With my work I intent to touch a deep sitting sensitivity and sensuality inside of us.

I am afraid we move further and further away from us and others. I wish to connect
with regions in our world of experienced emotions, which bring us back into a
place of softening and opening, questioning, reflecting and being – reminding
ourselves of the living breathing pulsing fragile and loving creatures we all are
and at the same time and because of that, of our mortality.”

The platform Sita Ostheimer Company gives each of the artists involved the
possibility to dive deeper into research and growth of their artform.

The common interest and motivation lives in the truth and authenticity of their craft,
and the connection between the creation, human and humanity – believing in
the impact art can have on a single person and therefore on the world, creating
a better, more sensible, more trusting, more courageous, more loving, heartfelt
place and togetherness.
Ostheimer’s creations have been shown in the UK, the Netherlands, Austria,
Israel, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa and

In 2021 Sita Ostheimer received an Artist Prize by POOL - INTERNATIONALES
TanzFilmFestival BERLIN / DOCK 11, for her ongoing work and outstanding
aesthetics in choreography and film.

COLLABORATORS | Company members
Company refers to a long time collaborative platform of artists,

not a registered company.

As an independent artist and artistic director Sita Ostheimer

is collaborating with british light-designer and technical manager Barnaby Booth
since 2016  and music composers Adrien Casalis (France), Donald Beteille (France),

Pepo Galan (Spain), Ori Alboher (Israel) Tony Birch (UK), visual artist Ran Bensimon (Israel).
Various freelance dancers from around the world have been engaged in Sita
Ostheimer’s performances, among them Jonathan Sanchez, Manuel Molino,
Clementine Herveux, Jorane Berger, Jens Schyth Brondum, Patric Lindstroem,
Fanny Laï, Maïlee Mouttou, Jin Young Won, Nitzan Moshe and many more.
Based in Berlin, Germany, the platforms’s development has led these ambitious
collaborators to create a playful and rich universe of performance art.


Sita Ostheimer
Artistic Director/Choreographer
© 2020 Sita Ostheimer Company. All rights reserved.
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