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Sita Ostheimer                                                                                                         Collaborators

Since 2015 dancer and choreographer Sita Ostheimer mainly focuses on the development of her own artistic work. Inspired by and familiar with specific approaches to movement and movement research of well-known choreographers like Hofesh Shechter, Izik Galili, Kriszina de Chatel and Alexandra Waierstall with whom she had been collaborating in the past, her main focus today is on the absorption and elaboration of her own movement aesthetic.

This movement aesthetic works with interaction of body, mind, spirit and emotion. The body learns how to sense the current states of the spirit and to translate that into movement, as pure and undisguised as possible. It is not about an aesthetic in the sense of technique, but about the education of this body-spirit connection. On the one hand this can happen in a very playfull way, while this work needs, on the other hand, a lot of deep research and practice to make the body let go, free the physical expression from the unnecessary and to bring to the surface pure humanity within the present moment. What is called “the unnecessary” are the bodies’ (unconscious) habits. Here the questions arises: What are we besides everything we`ve learned? What else is there, if we through away what we learned?

The actual movement research is based on improvisation and an intense examination of rhythm, while rhythm is seen as something familiar and very close to the human body. In terms of rhythm the work focuses on the discussion and negotiation between the personal perception of time, of breath and of losing and regaining control.

In the newest work Us (2018) this specific research on improvisation and rhythm goes one step further. It questions the possibilities of rhythm as a tool to create a language and human

communication within the group. This examination includes the rhythm of space and ways of taking and giving space. The dancers research how far and in which way the story that they create in the group within the improvisation can be changed, manipulated and re-invented. In addition, they look for ways to develop their own personal story that happens under the influence of the group, but partly can still be independent. In all that, movement is the springboard to learn something new about empathy, awareness and interhuman relations among each other and to share that with an audience. In all its variations and possibilities this research has just begun and the goal is to sharpen and deepen it within following works.

A very specific research about and approach to music is important in this artistic work as well. Music is always an independent part of the examination of a certain topic. Like the movement, music emerges out of a creative process dealing with the particular context of a piece.

To facilitate this intense research on movement and music, Sita Ostheimer collaborates since 2016 with the dancers Jonathan Sanchez, Manuel Molino, Jens Schyth Brøndum, Patric Lindström and Clémentine de Bras, as well as with the musicians Donald Bateille, Adrien Casalis and Pepo Galán. In this constellation until now the following pieces have been created: Chasm (2017), Molimo (2017), Two (2018), Human in Pieces (2018) and Us (2018). These works have been shown in Berlin, Spain, Korea and Geneva.

The goal of these collaborations is the establishment of a long-term and permanent company in Berlin. In addition, it is planned to open the artistic work and the approaches to movement research to a wider audience in form of workshops and auditions, internationally and in the free scene of Berlin to allow contact, exchange and collaboration with other dance artists.

In addition, Sita Ostheimer created pieces for other companies and universities, where she has been able to pass on her approaches of research to other dancers and students. In this contexts the following pieces have been created: Ubuntu for Bodhi Project of SEAD in Salzburg, Mangata for Frontier Danceland Singapore, Eigenrausch for CobosMika in Spanien, Nobody `Cept you for Verve in Leeds and Spechies Pitches for Folkwang in Essen. In 2019 there will be a new collaboration with Staatstheater Wiesbaden for a new work.

All in all, a long-term stabilization and development of the choreographic work is planned and focused on. As an additional support, a very well-established international network already exists. For example, in 2018 there has been a collaboration with the Staatstheater Wiesbaden/Darmstadt in terms of a new creation and an invitation to Deltebre Dance Festival for further shows of Molimo. This network opens future possibilities of collaboration and impulses, also into the free scene of Berlin. 

Sita Ostheimer
Artistic Director/Choreographer
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