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Since 2012, artistic director Sita Ostheimer is guiding and sharing her philsophy in masterclasses and workshops for the international contemporary dance scene.

Today, as well her company members offer to share her new perspectives, artistic development and critical reflections on one moving self.

By inviting different movers into our univers, we aim to inspire and support students from profession-oriented bachelor programmes, postgraduate contemporary dance companies as well as through professional training cycles.Within a strong insight to improvisation, company repertoire and research, we offer the opportunity to learn, feel and understand how we awaken an unheard powerful inner voice, from where movement arises naturally, furthermore understand where technique and skill connects to this very starting point of humanness.

Sita Ostheimer is founder of the Complex Simplicity technique

and organiser of Sita Ostheimer Workshops 

Past workshops

NDT I, Staatsballett Berlin, Staatstheater Darmstadt/Wiesbaden, Staastheater Kassel, Ballet Basel, Aterballetto, Paris Opera Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet, B12 Festival Berlin, Marameo Berlin, NOD Turin, Paris Conservatoire,

Circuit-Est centre Choréographique Montreal, Danscentrum Väst GothenburgDaegu Catholic University South Korea, Libre Joven Seoul, Antidote Festival, Genova in Danza, La Caldera Barcelona, One Small Step Festival Corfu, Reso-Workshop Lyon, Festival Deltebre Dansa Spain, Dansehallerne Copenhagen,

Contemporary Dance Intensive Workshop Porto, Northern School of Contemporary Dance Leeds, The Folkwang School Essen, SEAD Salzburg, Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz HfMT Köln,

Bad Lemons/Tanztendenz München, Iwanson München, Mentor at NOD Turin                 

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Complex Simplicity & Creation Workshop

advanced (last of the year 2023)

Sita Ostheimer Workshops organisation

This times Complex Simplicity Workshop week is designed for dancers which have taken at least one week of an Intensive Workshop with Sita Ostheimer. Exceptions possible!

The week will consist of morning sessions of Sita’s improvisation technique, giving you the time to arrive into your moving and feeling body and continue learning about your moving system.

Followed by space and time to experience and move through a creation process with Sita, while continuing studying ones own thought process in connection to moving, learning, creating, understanding self responsibility, group engagement , commitment and its impact on movement and growth.

Living and breathing in the moving body, loving the complexity in within. Connecting to pleasure, focus, acceptance, awareness, thoughtfulness, commitment, sensuality,
strength, vunerablity and humanness in motion.

where Eden Studios***** Berlin 
when 14 - 18 August 2023 | 11:00 - 16:00 (17:00)

on 18. August there will be a 2h window for audience to sneak in and out of the studio.


Fee 285 EUR



please send a 
very short video of an improvisation moving the body in totality, with the main focus on your sit bones and forehead 
and let us know where and you have taken another workshop with Sita Ostheimer.
application open until 10. August



Photo Albert Vidal / Vèrtex Comunicació for KDF


pop up


Complex Simplicity Workshop


Menashe Dance House | Israel

28 July 2023



Complex Simplicity

Introduction | Intensive

Kalamata Dance Festival

19 - 22 July 2023

register and Information


Complex Simplicity


Padova Danza

June 27 - 30  

10:00 to 13:00


Sita Ostheimer accompanied by

translater and assistant Sita Ostheimer Company dancer Elena Martello


Open to internal and external with contribution (5€ of membership, if you do not have a valid ASI card)


Free workshop for Padova Danza Project and Giovani Promesse students!


PADOVS DANZS Via Antonio Grassi, 33 Padova.


Info and reservations: 


Complex Simplicity

Introduction | Intensive

Le Facteur Paris

20 -22 June 2023 

from 14:00-18:00

Sita Ostheimer

(choreographer & artistic director Sita Ostheimer Co)

is coming in Paris for an exceptional 3 day

OPUS workshop!

(For professional dancers and performers)



At the studio "May B" - Micadanses,

15 Rue Geoffroy l'Asnier, 75004 Paris, France.  

How much?

For 3 days -> Early bird

(for the first 15 participants): 100€ / Full price: 120€.

ATTENTION : no daily registration!


Online booking required:



Complex Simplicity pluS


Sita Ostheimer Workshops organisation

with Sita Ostheimer & Attila Ronai

15.- 19. May 2023

Eden Studios***** | Dock11




Complex Simplicity


Sita Ostheimer Workshops organisation


16.- 20. May 2022

Eden Studios***** | Dock11




Complex Simplicity

StudioProArte Freiburg


10.- 12. April 2022




Complex Simplicity

Bad Lemons Project


25.- 27. March 2022

Bad Lemons Project

professional training, training exchange and research projects | Munich



Research Lap with Sita Ostheimer

O P E N  C A L L

paid opportunity

25.- 27. March 2022

Bad Lemons Project

professional training, training exchange and research projects | Munich

more info at:



Bad Lemons Project invites dancers to apply for a Research Project with Sita
Ostheimer as part of the OASIS project. Working with 5 artists, Sita invites you to
support and give time for her further investigation of the translation and
transformation of the essence of her work through a camera lense.
In this three days research lab, Sita will give you an insight of her physicality and
philosophy of the moving and present body, creating material for you, which she
then brings in front of the camera lense. This research lab is for professional dancers only, selected by Bad Lemons together with Sita Ostheimer.

Preferably participants of the workshop mentioned above.

The sharing of the lab's work will be in the form of the film publication on social media.

A love story between Night and Chaos

The dimension of beauty is closely tied to silence

sponsored by NeuStartKultur | Diehl + Ritter | Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat |

                   TanzQuelle | Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien


Complex Simplicity



21.02.- 03.03. 2022

NOD | Nuova Officina della Danza

free for 3 external dancers


headshot .jpg


Complex Simplicity


03.- 09 January 2022

RARI - Chile



Complex Simplicity

Sita Ostheimer Workshops organisation

24.- 28. January 2022

Dock11 Berlin | Eden Studios

11:00 - 14:00

5 days | 210,-

register only under

please send a short Bio and video.


August | September



Sita Ostheimer Workshops organisation

23. | 26. | 30.  August 2021 

02. | 07. | 09. September 2021

Dock11 Berlin 

10:30 - 13:00


registration only under

(until 3 days before each day)

limited to 15 participants

for professional dancers

You will be guided through a specific improvisation technique, which brings you in touch with your understanding of the moving body, thought process and emotions. 

Connecting to movements through senses, visualisations, imagination 

and rhythm. Tension and limits will be recognized and unlocked, new pathways discovered.

In the second half we apply this 

technique/awareness of the 

learning process of choreographed material.

The movement language 

is expressive, fluent, sensual, 

groovy and grounded.


Participants need to show proof of being tested/ recovered or vaccinated




2 weeks intensive training



2021 June 21 -  July 02

INFO FOR REGISTRATION under this email address:

Each day the dancers will be guided through an improvisations’ technique. This technique gives the opportunity to discover and work with their connection between mind and body. Recognising tension and breaking unaware movement habits, in order to be in control of their own physical instrument and continue growing creatively, technically and emotionally.
Taking this preparation to then move over to learning given choreography,exploring how to find yourself in learning situation and taking on material.
Sita works with a game of images, situations, feelings, rhythm,
to support your research on your very own totality in ever changing circumstances. Her physicality is built on full embodied fast rhythmical changes of emotions and Images.
The movement language is expressive, fluent, sensual and earthy. The unique animalistic movement language that arises from our human instincts is her particular and peculiar signature in dance.



Complex Simplicity

professional intensive training / Berlin

2021 April 6 - 9  &  May 25 -28

where: Dock11 Eden Studios / Berlin
time: 11:00 - 14:30
price: 185 EUR
level: advanced ( professional! )

In the first half of the training you will be guided through a specific improvisation technique, which brings you in touch with your understanding of the moving body, thought process and emotions.
Connecting to yourself with senses, visualisations, imagination and continues moving.
Tension will be unlocked in order for new pathways to be discovered and developed.
You have the possibility to recognise thought patterns and their influence on your movements capacity.
In the second half of the training we apply this technic/awareness to the learning process of choreographed material.
The movement language is expressive, fluent, sensual, groovy, rhythmical and earthy.

Application guidlines:
OPEN ONLY BETWEEN 01. & 15.March!!!
Applications before or after won't be considered, neither private messages.

The number of participants is extremely limited for the May workshop.
This number could change according to Covid regulations.

Please apply by sending a
mentioning the MONTH you are applying for
in the subject of mail,
no longer than 45sec.

Please send the application email to:


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