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productions for universities           & outreach

Take a look at our past commissions, beautiful work has been done with the next generation of movers. Dance students from many different backgrounds and journeys all seeking depth and to learn more. 




Photo by Ben Harris | Leeds, UK - verve18 members and dancer Alethia Antonia with choreographic assistant Manuel Molino during the production of Nobody 'Cept You at Riley Theatre. As part of Verve's 2018 repertoire, Sita's commisson toured cities across the UK and Europe.


Photo by Christian Clarke | Neue Aula, Essen, DE - accompanied by six live musicians the Neue Aula opens with a soft glowing light appearing as the moon rising, beneath it a reflection is caught on a unheard acute presence. Atmospheric and obscure images develop into a transitional room where only astronomical silence exist, with Lisa Grandmottet and Patric de Jesus das Neves Lindström a story is about to unfold at Folkwang Universität der Künste.


Manuel Molino and Jonathan Sanchez restaging TWO by Sita Ostheimer, at the Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz (ZZT).

University for music and performance Arts IMPACTZONE series, shows work of international choreographers, performed by students of BA Dance. This project enables the students to actively connect to a heterogeneous professional field through the mediation of local, national and international cooperations and thus promotes the professionalization and intercultural skills of the students.




Photo by Haim Kimchi | Tel Aviv-Jaffa, IL - Sita Ostheimer at the Arab Jewish Community Center during the international tour of Ubuntu, commissioned for the Bodhi Project the postgraduate dance company based at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD). "Humanitat gegenüber seinen Mitmenschen..."


Photo by Jonathan Sanchez | Berlin, DE - Come by one of our open days. Here you will have the possibility to share, participate and embrace the space in which we move.


Photo by Haim Kimchi | Arab Jewish Community Center, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, IL - Stay tuned for the next job openings, auditions and performance projects.

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