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Every beginning is formed by fragments.

Fragments that already existed long before us, and that creates something new, with or without our consciousness being aware.


Human, animal or plant:

all living creatures are connected with and related to one another in an endless river of time.

No development without a previous development.

Every human is rooted in the endless story of evolution and is a unique creation of nature.

Nevertheless, there are moments in every conscious existence that feel like a restart, a new beginning. The birth of new life, death, destruction...

We invite you to join us as we drift through matter


productions for universities & outreach

Explore the company's past and upcoming productions in collaboration with universities, junior companies and dance programs...


Most of the Companies productions have no or little financial support.
Any little contribution will support us to continue creating and sharing work, renting studio space
and develope collaborations with dancers, music composers, light-designers, costume designers.....
Thanks to festivals, foundations and venues for their continues trust and support.
Thanks to the beloved friends of Sita Ostheimer Company for their love and support

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Photo credits: Bernie Ng, Rona Lane, Paolo Porto, Ben Harris, Haim Kimchi, Christian Clarke, Barbara Dietl, Jonathan Sanchez & Paulio Sóvári.

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